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Reprocessed Charts in a Electronic Age

As we involve ourselves into searching for age, with satellite tv techniques in our vehicles, and GPS cell phone monitoring in the hand of our hands, how plenty of your energy and effort do we have until document maps and atlases become obsolete, in favor of their digital version?

From an ecological viewpoint, digital maps may be an improvement, with a decrease in document when printed maps are not longer required, reducing the stress on our reducing jungles. Will, however, the interest of atlases in particular be missing later on generations? Globe maps loaded with magical development of far flung locations, stuffing our thoughts with experience, and admiration at the actual size of the world. Will school kid's interest with dream 'pirate' value maps, be missing as document maps disappear for upcoming generations?

We are trained to read maps from a young age, which are valued, and recognized by the majority of the worlds' inhabitants, regardless of terminology.

Historically, contemporary document maps became popular, and precise, around the Sixteenth to 1700s, however, with the release of GIS (Geographic information systems) in the Nineteen seventies and 1980's, cartography (the art and technology of creating maps) has modified permanently. Our world, our nations, our locations and streets, are planned, saved, and examined in gifs.

We could hold into our document maps, providing us reason to uncover our past world later, although it is predicted that many obsolete maps will be banned to dump over the coming years. Perhaps a better way to protect our document maps while we still have an numerous of them, might be to make a product which contains their current content, but is upcycled into an eye-catching creative item to appreciate.

Such concepts include creating art items from undesirable atlases, consume coasters from removed maps from a preferred holiday location, using recycled maps to make an origami dish, a recycled map bunting to beautify your room, how about a wintery Xmas map wreath, or revamping an old table or item of furnishings with decoupaged recycled atlases.

What is the attractiveness of using old maps in art projects? They tell a tale, provide as an eye-catching item of art, and from an ecological perspective, recycling document maps for attractive reasons, gives Mom Characteristics the nod!

One does wonder if we will also lose our sense of route in our digital upcoming, when document maps are gone?

Erica Patricia Co-Founder of Reprocessed Industry, the first online industry to buy, offer and find recycled products. Reprocessed Industry is a international industry targeted on presenting fashionable hand crafted and legally produced items made from recycled components.

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